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    Ensolite® IV1

    Category: Gaskets and Shims
    Industries: Commercial Window and Curtain Wall, Industrial/OEM, Metal Building Panels, Residential Windows, Truck and Utility Trailers

    Ensolite® IV1

    ENSOLITE IV1 closed cell sponge is a blend of PVC/Nitrile/Neoprene polymers to provide optimum characteristics for gasketing or sealing applications. IV1 is a long accepted material for indoor and outdoor uses requiring a temperature range of -40° F to +200° F.

    IV1 is rated as 2C1 under ASTM D1056-07. This is a good rating for oil resistance in ASTM D1056 and allows IV1 to be used where other materials might swell and upset functionality. IV1 is listed as meeting the UL94 V-0, V-1 and HF-1 flammability ratings and the FMVSS-302 rating. These ratings and good chemical resistance allow IV1 ENSOLITE to be used in many industrial, OEM, transportation and automotive applications. IV1 is also listed to UL 50E.

    ENSOLITE IV1 closed cell PVC/Nitrile/Neoprene sponge is a soft density material. Other grades are IV2 (soft/medium density), and IV3 (medium density). All ENSOLITE products can be supplied with or without adhesive backing in full rolls up to 54″ wide, or slit rolls as narrow as ¼” or we can die cut or waterjet cut parts to your exact specifications.