Specialty Tape Products


Tom Brown, Inc. can offer multi-layer laminates up to 64” wide when a single layer material will not provide the physical performance properties your application demands. Functionality can be added with the addition of pressure-sensitive adhesives and plastic films. Learn More »


Spooling or traverse winding creates a long length “bobbin” of material, which is ideal for your manufacturing processes that need continuous lengths to minimize changeovers. Many tape products can be offered on this format. Contact us today for a customized quote. Learn More »

Die Cutting

TBI has three die cutting platforms to offer our customers. Each die cutting platform has unique capabilities and TBI has the machinery as well as the skilled operators to help you get the results you seek. • Flat Bed Die Cutting • Rotary Die Cutting • Waterjet Cutting Learn More »


Log Slitting TBI has seven precision log slitting machines that can handle roll diameters up to 22”. Rewind Slitting It is often necessary to slit and rewind materials prior to other operations such as die cutting or to put them in a usable form for the customer. Learn More »
“Everything is running smoothly. Honestly, since we switched our tapes over to Tom Brown, it has been the smoothest transition to a new vendor I have had in some time” Tom Fisher, Purchasing Manager