Fire Apparatus + Emergency Vehicles


Keep Water Out • Eliminates Corrosion • Extends Vehicles Service Life

Allows Continuous Bond Lines

  • Tapes uniformly distribute stress along the entire joint – nuts, bolts, rivets, and welds concentrate stresses which can degrade the physical properties of materials over time.
  • Tape products offer excellent fatigue resistance…vibration and joint flexing can compromise mechanical fasteners. Tapes are viscoelastic and permit joints to dampen vibration absorb shock and recover time after time.
  • Tapes bond and seal simultaneously – tapes create strong bonds that seal out water, dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

Allows Wider Material Selection Options

  • Tapes prevent galvanic corrosion- tape products act as a barrier to prevent bimetallic corrosion when joining dissimilar metals.
  • Permits thinner/lighter/less expensive material options – tapes allow “lightweighting”…permits selection of materials that cannot be welded or easily fastened with mechanical fasteners.
  • Tapes readily bond to dissimilar materials- pressure-sensitive tapes bond to a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, and glass.

Improves Appearance and Aesthetics

  • Tapes are typically hidden in the bond line and prevent the distortion and splitting common to mechanical fasteners.
  • Tapes eliminate the need for drilled or pre-punched holes and reduces the chance for any rust or corrosion.

Reduces Production Costs

  • Bonded surfaces stay smooth and clean- no need for weld grinding or additional clean up steps.
  • Little or no capital investment- tapes are typically applied via hand or with low cost dispensers. Major capital investment is not required.
  • Easy, fast application – operators can be quickly and easily trained to apply most tape products.

Typical Fire Apparatus &
Emergency Vehicle Tape

  • Panel to Frame Bonding – tapes can easily replace traditional riveting, welding, or liquid applied adhesives for metal or composite panels that have no need for any surface refinishing or clean up. The panels are aesthetically smooth and fleet graphics are easy to apply.
  • Stiffener to Panel – tapes can easily apply stiffeners to panels to improve support and rigidity. The tapes form fast, strong bonds and assemblies can be handled immediately.
  • Sealing Roof Seams – sealing tapes effectively form a long lasting seal that keeps water, air, and dirt out.
  • Self Adhesive Gasketing – gaskets of almost any shape or size made from a variety of rubbers or foams designed for robust seals and interfaces.
  • Trim Attachment – tapes quickly mount trim parts, nameplates, and other assemblies quickly without the need for fixturing.


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