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  • Tapes uniformly distribute stress along the entire joint – screws, rivets, and welds concentrate mechanical stresses. Tapes can be used for static or dynamic loads and are self shimming.
  • Tapes are viscoelastic – they absorb shock and allow movement to resist wind and vibration without delaminating and will not pump out
  • Tapes bond and seal simultaneously – tapes create strong bonds that seal out water, dirt, dust, and other contaminants
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Typical Commercial Window, Curtain Wall, and Cladding Applications

  • Architectural Panel and Glass to Frame Bonding- tapes can easily replace traditional riveting, welding, or liquid applied adhesives for metals and glass. The panels are aesthetically smooth and have no distortions common to mechanical fasteners.
  • Stiffener to Panel – tapes can easily bond stiffeners to panels to improve support and rigidity. The tapes form fast, strong bonds and assemblies can be handled immediately.
  • Spacer Tapes – provide on site and shop glazed options using high strength open cell foams that permit structural silicones to cure via air or moisture.
  • Self Adhesive Gasketing- gaskets of almost any shape or size made from a variety of rubbers or foams designed for robust seals and interfaces.
  • Trim Attachment- tapes quickly mount trim parts and other assemblies quickly without the need for fixturing.
  • Mullions- tapes provide a fast easy way to mull windows and entry ways.
  • Plugs and Baffles- die cut baffles and plus in almost and shape and size.

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