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rolled Rubberlite productsRubberlite is an advanced leader in flexible material technologies. These technologies can be integrated into a wide variety of industries, ranging from industrial to commercial. Businesses looking for custom-engineered and state-of-the-art flexible materials can utilize Rubberlite’s products for a number of applications. The products provided through Rubberlite include industrial rubber and plastic solutions, engineered foam solutions, and technical composite solutions.

The History of Rubberlite

In 1986, Allen Mayo originally founded Rubberlite. Rubberlite specialized in custom rubber products and plastics, with an emphasis on connecting manufacturers and fabricators and creating a superior integration of business processes. Through the years, Rubberlite’s innovative technology was able to give way to numerous unique and useful products, including custom engineered polyurethane foams. Rubberlite has experimented with different formulas and applications to develop the best products for the best projects.

A Company Founded Upon Improvement

The mission of Rubberlite is very simple; it is one of constant improvement. Rubberlite focuses on improving upon “the way we work, the way we create, the way we think.” Together that has created a company that is innovative and strong. The market has been changing for some time regarding flexible materials and their applications. In order to continuously offer the best products, Rubberlite has had to adapt over the past three decades. Its this ability to adapt that has created a leader within the industry.

Products Provided by Rubberlite

Rubberlite provides three primary types of product: rubber and plastic, foam, and technical composites. Rubber and plastic composites are highly durable products that include polyurethane foam, fabrics, and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Rubberlite has additionally worked within the foam industry since 1997 and provides engineered foams such as HyPUR-cel, which creates a durable, flexible, and long-lasting foam. Finally, technical composite products include laminations, functional coatings, and Sur-Fex surfacing. These composites can be used to add utility and durability to other materials.

The Primary Markets of Rubberlite

  • Industrial. Rubberlite products are used to cushion products from stress, dampen movement and vibration ,and provide a seal against air, water, and other substances.
  • Transportation. Rubberlite products can be used to protect sensitive components that are used in the transportation industry, from aviation to aerospace travel.
  • Packaging. Rubberlite products can be used throughout the packaging, shipping, and logistics industry, to better protect devices and equipment.
  • Medical. Rubberlite products, including leading products such as HyPUR-cel, are used to improve the safety and comfort of many medical devices.
  • Consumer Goods. Rubberlite products can be used to reduce the cost and weight of consumer goods, while also increasing comfort and enhancing flexibility.
Rubberlite provides industry leading flexible materials, ranging from durable and flexible foams to adhesives and coatings. Whatever your organization’s industry is, it’s possible that there are applications for these innovative technologies. Is your business interested in the benefits of Rubberlite products? Tom Brown, Inc provides only the best in adhesive and film technologies, including the Rubberlite line up. Contact Tom Brown, Inc today for a quote on Rubberlite products.
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