Macbond® Arctic – Extreme Cold Temperature Performance

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Macbond Artic extreme temperature Performance| Pittsburgh |Tom Brown, Inc. In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of observing the application temperature recommendations provided for each tape (typically between 60-100°F).  It is hard to find a tape that quickly bonds in an extreme temperature since low temperatures can prevent a tape from achieving the  “wet out” or flow needed to create a good bond. There are exceptions to every rule and this is one of them – Macbond® Arctic. Mactac (a Lintec Company) headquartered in Stow, Ohio has developed an aggressive rubber-based adhesive platform (MX10) that permits tape application in temperatures as low as -10°F (-23°C).

MX10 Adhesive Platform

Some environments will never be warm enough to apply many tape products. For example, freezer and refrigerated spaces must be kept at low temperatures to ensure food safety. Also, building and construction sites don’t have heat until late in the building process, yet tape products may still need to be used. The chemists at Mactac developed an adhesive with these environments in mind. The MX10 adhesive system features a unique rubber-resin blend that has a very low glass transition temperature (Tg). This means that the adhesive transitions from a “rubbery phase” to a “glass phase” at much lower temperatures than most pressure-sensitive adhesives. This allows the adhesive to “wet out” at much lower temperatures and still form a strong bond. In addition to low temperature application, the MX 10 offers the following benefits:
  • Maintains tack in cold, wet conditions
  • Service temperature range of -65°F- 150°F (-54° -65.5°C)
  • Approved for direct food contact (FDA 175.125)
  • Excellent adhesion to low surface energy materials (polyoelfins, EVA, EPDM, and other LSE surfaces)
  • Excellent adhesion to paper and corrugated containers (including wax coatings)

Extreme Temperature Product Options and Performance

The Macbond Arctic portfolio consists of two products, ATRX1162 which is a double coated polyester film and ATRX1062 which is a 2 mil unsupported transfer adhesive. The ARTX1162 double coated film tape can be used as is, laminated to a foam, or die cut into a specific shape. The ARTX1062 can be laminated to foams, films and foils to add low temperature performance to most anything. The MX10 adhesive has some great adhesion properties. For example, it has a 30 minute peel adhesion on stainless steel (high surface energy) generates values from 99-121 oz/inch and still maintains peel values from 96-116 oz/inch on HDPE (low surface energy). In addition to great peel values, dead load shear values with a 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) are over 75 hours. This test shows us that Mactac did not trade away the adhesive’s ability to handle shear stresses to gain good adhesion values.

 Links to YouTube Videos on the Macbond Arctic Products:

In this video, the Mactac MacBond Artic Tape shows how it adheres in an extreme temperature by forming an instant bond to a frozen stainless steel plate. Here you can see the Mactac MacBond Artic Tape forming an aggressive bond to a frozen HDPE plate, wet and dry. Want to know more about solving low temperature bonding issues? Contact Tom Brown, Inc. today.  
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