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    Ensolite® EF0

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    Industry: Truck and Utility Trailers

    Ensolite® EF0

    Ensolite EFO is an EPDM-based crushed-cellular foam specially engineered to seal uneven materials. Ideally a gasket or seal should be fitted between flat, stable materials, but in the real world we often have materials that flex or designs that have curved surfaces. EFO is made as a closed cell foam, then its cells are mechanically crushed to allow gases out under pressure- like a check valve. This allows EFO to seal completely against water and dust, while conforming to different thicknesses under different loads. It will not “hammock” like closed cell foams- which will not conform to abrupt gap thicknesses, and allow leaks. EFO has a service temperature range of -70°F to +250°F and has excellent flammability ratings- meeting UL94 V-0, 5VA, HF-1 at different thicknesses and the FMVSS-302 rating.

    ENSOLITE EFO was developed for the automotive industry and meets many auto manufacturers’ specifications. Its UL 94 ratings allow it to be used in appliances and household devices. EFO’s EPDM polymer allows it to stand up to environmental factors such as ozone and UV light, making it a good choice for exterior applications. All ENSOLITE products can be supplied with or without adhesive backing in full rolls up to 54” wide, or slit rolls as narrow as ¼” or we can die cut or waterjet cut parts to your exact specifications.