uses of acrylic and Glass Partition Bonding tapes

Why Transparent Acrylic Tapes Work So Well

  • Uniform, invisible bond line
  • Seals out water
  • Excellent adhesion at elevated temperatures
  • Outstanding UV resistance
  • Shock and stress are distributed evenly along the entire bond line
  • Eliminates any drilling, grinding, refinishing, and clean up steps
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Typical Glass Partition and Shower Enclosure Applications

  • Edge to Edge Glass Bonding – transparent acrylic tapes enable easy glass to glass edge bonding of interior partitions and shower enclosures
  • Bath and Shower Hardware – tape attachment of hardware is fast and easy without any mess or clean associated with liquids or sealants. Replaces screws, bolts, and other mechanical fasteners
  • Mounting Backlit Translucent Signs – transparent acrylic tapes provide an nearly invisible bond line to maintain a slim, clean, aesthetic appearance
  • Glass Furniture Components – tapes securely anchor and attach glass components and can be delivered a die cut parts to match component geometries
  • Trim, Wipe, and Seal Attachment – trims or seals can be quickly mounted on shower doors and glass panels with a nearly invisible bond line.
  • Security Glass Perimeter Bonding – clear acrylic tapes secure the perimeter of the glass and hold it in position while creating a seal for the resin injection process.

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