Sealant FAQ – What’s the difference between acetoxy and neutral cure?

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Acetoxy cure is the cure that you smell, for instance when you apply a sealant and you get that very strong vinegar odor. That’s the release of the acidic acid and that’s how the silicone is curing. A lot of times those particular silicones are used very frequently in bathroom or kitchen environments, particularly where you want to reduce mildew because they’re very good at that. Neutral cure silicones rely on the exposure to air. The only thing that you typically release with them is an alcohol or another compound. You don’t get the shrinkage with that and you don’t get that strong acidic or vinegar odor that you get from alkoxy.
Rick Alexander

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Rick Alexander is the National Sales Manager for Tom Brown, Inc. His early experience was in R&D, product management, and sales management for both Main Tape and Adhesives Research, Inc. Rick brings over 40 years of pressure-sensitive tape experience and Tom Brown’s world class converting capabilities to help solve customer bonding, assembly, and sealing challenges.