Norbond V1300 Series

Saint-Gobain® Norbond® V1300 series bonding tapes combine a white polyurethane foam substrate with a durable, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. The foam properties dissipate vibrations and distribute stress forces, while the adhesive maintains a long-term bond. The conformability of Norbond V1300 series mounting tapes promotes maximum surface contact with less distortion and is ideal for interior applications.

The V1300 series is specially designed to provide the following features:

  • Helps prevent corrosion by eliminating contact between dissimilar materials
  • Mitigates effects of temperature-induced expansion and contraction
  • Promotes maximum surface contact and adhesive “wet-out”
  • Acrylic adhesive provides durable bond
  • Absorbs vibration

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