Will your tape work for my application?

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People use tape products in a lot of different ways. Sometimes they can use them for masking. They can use them for protection. Sometime they are using them to bond or assemble materials. That’s a really, really broad question. Normally, the things that we try and understand when we are trying to figure out whether a tape will work in an application or whether or not it should be evaluated for an application, is to first figure out what are the substrates or the materials that you’re going to ask the tape to bond to.

We want to understand what they are both from a chemistry prospective, as well as whether or not there are any types of coating on those.

Typically, if there are you are usually asking the tape to adhere to the coating and not the material that it may be applied to. A painted metal may be a really good example of that. Secondly, we’re going to ask questions about the environment the tape is going to operate in.

That can be temperature, is it outdoors or indoors? Whether it’s going to exposed to any extreme temperatures, whether on the high end or the low end. Also, what is going on with the surface? Any surface can have unique topography, geometries or curvatures. All of those things are important to understand when trying to figure out whether or not a tape will work and be able to hold on through all of its life.

Rick Alexander

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Rick Alexander is the National Sales Manager for Tom Brown, Inc. His early experience was in R&D, product management, and sales management for both Main Tape and Adhesives Research, Inc. Rick brings over 40 years of pressure-sensitive tape experience and Tom Brown’s world class converting capabilities to help solve customer bonding, assembly, and sealing challenges.