That really is dependent on the material, as well as the thickness of the material. Also, the size of the log roll that we buy plays a large role in this as well. The way we do business here at Tom Brown is by converting material – specifically when we are talking about slitting. We can slit rolls of tape anywhere from 3/32 of an inch on the low end up to a log roll that can come in here at 60 inches wide. We can pretty much give you any size in between those. When we’re talking about spooling, that really is pretty much any width that you want. The length of the spool will be determined by the thickness and the material, and how big of a spool you can handle. If you’re talking about die cut parts they can be extremely small. Anywhere from less than half an inch in diameter, up to gasket materials that be 4 or 5 feet wide by 8 feet long.