Typical Residential Window Applications

  • Backbedding – double coated glazing tapes install quickly and easily and permit immediate handling capabilities. Meets and exceeds AAMA requirements.
  • SDL Attachment – tapes quickly mount muntin bars and other assemblies quickly without the need for fixturing.
  • Mullions – tapes provide a fast easy way to mull windows and entry ways.
  • Self Adhesive Gasketing – gaskets of almost any shape or size made from a variety of rubbers or foams designed for robust seals and interfaces.
  • Shims and Setting Blocks – setting blocks and shims in any size, shape , or density.
  • Plugs and Baffles – die cut baffles and plus in almost and shape and size.
  • Flashing – self adhesive flashing installs quickly around window and door openings and tie in well with other weather barrier products.
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For Glazing Applications

  • Tapes provide a uniform bond line – tapes are self-shimming and provide consistent sight lines and will not ooze or pump out.
  • Tapes are viscoelastic – they absorb shock and allow movement to resist wind and vibration without delaminating and will not pump out.
  • Tapes bond and seal simultaneously – tapes create strong bonds that seal out water, dirt, dust, and other contaminants.
  • Tapes bond to PVC, aluminum, and composites quickly – units can be handled immediately after glazing.

For SDL (simulated divided lite) Muntin Bars

  • Tapes bond immediately to a variety of painted metals, PVC, wood, composites, and glass.
  • Long Service Life – properly installed taped bars have been in service for over 20 years.

Reduces Production Costs

  • Bonded surfaces stay smooth and clean – no need for weld grinding or additional clean up steps.
  • Little or no capital investment – tapes are typically applied via hand or with low cost dispensers. Major capital investment is not required.
  • Easy, fast application – operators can be quickly and easily trained to apply most tape products.

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