TBI fabricates open and closed cell gasket materials to match application performance requirements and any budget.

We stock the full line foam and rubber inventories you need and have five converting machines to quickly turn around your order. Rotary, flat bed, and Waterjet processes can fabricate almost any gasket you can imagine.

  • PVC Foam- soft PVC foams that seal thin gauge materials, swirl free foams to work with mechanical fasteners, and medium to high density foams for managing vibration and weathering.
  • Neoprene- exhibits excellent dimensional stability and resists oil, gas, and other chemicals
  • Polyurethane-soft to firm microcellular urethanes are excellent choices for gaskets that need to be resealed multiple times over the service life.
  • EPDM- outstanding UV and weather resistance make this the ideal choice for may outdoor applications. Has a wide service temperature range but poor fuel resistance.
  • ECH- resists heat up to 300F and has excellent fuel and oil resistance.
  • Silicone- silicone sponge and rubbers exhibit the widest service temperature range up to 500F and have excellent flame retardant properties and outdoor weathering resistance.
  • Polyethylene- an economical foam for low pressure gaskets that  do not require resealing.

Shims and Setting Blocks

Setting blocks are installed between the sash and the insulated glass unit. Setting blocks provide strain relief as the window undergoes thermal cycling and keeps glass from cracking. Setting blocks also offer IG protection in residential windows as the window is opened and closed.

Setting blocks and shims are available with and without adhesive for residential or commercial windows and can be fabricated from:

  • PVC
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone

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