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Diagram showing where structural spacer tapes and structural silicone adhesive is applied on a window | Tom Brown, Inc.

Structural Spacer Tapes & Structural Silicone Sealants

One of the primary methods for glazing commercial windows, curtain walls, window walls, and storefront…
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Figure with barbell | Double Sided Tape Strengths | Tom Brown, Inc.

Which Double Sided Tape is the Strongest?

I was doing some topic research on tape products and one of the frequently asked…
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Three pieces of weep hole baffle | Tom Brown, Inc;

What is a Weep Hole Baffle?

Weep holes are an integral part of a window’s construction. The weep holes in a…
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Adhes Tape being pulled off

Tips on How to Remove Adhesive Tape

We use tape for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s just temporary but most of…
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