Muntin bars are designed to accent residential and commercial windows, doors, and storefronts with the look of a true divided lite for a fraction of the cost. This design approach is called SDL – simulated divided lite. There are several methods for attaching the grille or a muntin bar to the glass; screw-in, glaze-in, snap-in, or tape applied. This blog post will help the owner, architect, OEM, or glazier to understand the different types of muntin bar attachment tapes and the relative strengths and weaknesses of each. (more…)

It’s very difficult for most people to visualize how a tape could possibly replace a rivet, screw, or other fastener. After all, mechanical fasteners are made of metal and there’s no way tape is as strong as metal, right? Well, not exactly. If you just examine the fastener itself and compare it to acrylic foam tapes, you might think this is the case, but you would be mistaken. The strength of the fastener itself is not indicative of the durability or strength of the final bond. The physics are a little more complicated. (more…)